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Santiago, Finisterre
October 31, 2013. 23:45:00
Two days of struggling, tolerance.
October 22, 2013. 00:30:00
And forgive us our debts...
October 21, 2013. 00:30:00
Let God write our life!
October 13, 2013. 23:45:00
Intellect, Memory and Will
October 08, 2013. 00:30:00


Kati's Blog

Santiago, Finisterre

I spent almost two days in Santiago, I saw the Botafumeiro two times. I can say I’m lucky. I had time to go deep in my thoughts, to pray and be thankful in the beautiful chatedral.

It was good to meet my pilgrim mates, to be happy about each other and congratulate to them, to talk about our experiences, to hear wonderful stories, to become sentimental when saying goodbye.

On Saturday morning, three of us started out to Finisterre. The first day was OK in terms of the distance, but the second and thirds days seemed to be very long, 34, 32 kilometers. On Sunday, after walking for an hour, we got lost. Somewhere we missed a sign. It took us more than one hour to get back to the right way, which meant around 5 additional kilometers, on top of the 34 kilometers planned for that day.


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