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All we are on the way

As open hearted pilgrims we seek the Way, the Truth, and as we are on our way search for happiness as well. We believe that the world is very colorful. As the Hispanics say; DeColores.

The word “DECOLORES” is the Cursillos community’s greeting meaning I accept you unconditionally, because I believe you are an amazing and unique child of God.  God is the Creator of all things and looks at all children as a loving Father.  You and I are brothers and sisters. We are looking for our ideal on earth. We are looking for answers which can make us truly happy and demonstrating true values at the same time.

In addition to physical preparation we believe, that a spiritual training is just as important. The Cursillo was born in Spain before World War II at the time of the oppression of Christians between 1936-1939. The Catholic church organized pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostella and the leaders of these were prepared in a short course called Cursillo. They established their spiritual background there. Pilgrims on their journeys pray and ask for prayers therefore they are never alone. This community can work wonders because they do not wait for miracles, but common prayer and love in action lead them to miracles.

We would like to gather support for 1,000 HUF (5 USD) for every kilometer. The collected amount is the base of the support of future pilgrims.
We believe pilgrimage  is a special form of prayer. It increases the Christian hearts in action. People who pray for each other can be assure of Christ's promise: "I am with you always, until the end of the world" (Mt 28, 20)


Cursillo and Pilgrimage

Since the birth of Cursillo it is linked with the pilgrimage.

It provides powerful spiritual background to the pilgrims and gives new hope to people, and finally leads out Spain from the unfortunate condition in which this country is struggling since the civil war in 1936-1939.

The Cursillo in Hungary is also tied to the pilgrimage in many levels. Many of us are voluntary working in organizing pilgrimages. Our aim is that contacting us, pilgrims can find the right emotional and financial support, a significant part of their journey. This support can be applied here at this website. Of course, the pilgrims’ own financial effort is required as well, so the excess must be included in the application.

We believe that if you are part of a community, tasks become easier, and joy is multiplied. We hope by this collaboration many tireless pilgrims, and praying hands will find each other, and we will grow closer to the idea of Cursillo which is: "Hungary would be a Christian  nation again."


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